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Upcoming Events!

It’s finally here!


The doors to the NEW Sati365 are officially open, and you can claim one of the limited spots now!

(at patriciamoreno.com)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

@patriciamoreno33 has made some serious upgrades to the 12-month program and we guarantee if you stick with it, it is fail-proof.


What’s different?

🔺 NEW motivational and inspirational content in the easy-and-effective form of 10-minute morning practices.

🔺 NEW levels of accountability with your own dedicated coach who will check in with you every. single. day.

🔺 NEW community support in your small group coaching group, as well as the hundreds of other Sati365ers cheering you on.


What’s the same?

🔸 We’ve kept all of our crowd pleasers and community favorites including weekly live Wake Up Calls to introduce a new tool to help you navigate your week.

🔸 And monthly group webinars to share the science and research behind that month’s theme and practice.

🔸 A deep, rich library of ALL of the content created for this program in the past two years (that’s hundreds of meditations, intenSati practices, visualizations, journaling exercises, podcasts, manifestos, audio workouts, guided breathwork and more).


Who is it for?

⚡️ The doer inside of you who is ready for a new level of confidence, happiness and success.


Who is it not for?

▪️ Anyone who is still comfortable with the cycle of making excuses, blaming and regretting.


🚀 There are only 16 coaching groups left, so if you want to secure your spot in this once-in-a-lifetime experience and take advantage of the crazy-low early bird pricing, sign up now.


PS- Need more info before you jump in? 👉🏽 Join us for a FREE masterclass on turning your procrastination into power, and let’s talk about all this (and more) live! patriciamoreno.com/masterclass