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Solution Pathway

Create Lasting Sustainable Change


Learn to set goals and achieve them

Take realistic daily action steps

Use the 1% rule to get closer to your goals every day

Have accountability that encourages you to be your best




1 SESSION (60 MINUTE )                                             $200 

***a 60 minute session (phone, video or live) and see what you can expect from success focused coaching!


MONTHLY PACKAGE                                                  $1000

*** Weekly 60 minute sessions, 2 S.O.S calls,  one weekly text/email check in


3 MONTH PACKAGE                                                   $2500

***Weekly 60 minute sessions, 2 monthly S.O.S. calls, one weekly text/email check in


6 MONTH PACKAGE                                                    $5000

*** Weekly 60 minute sessions, 2 monthly S.O.S. calls, one weekly text/email check in, weekly intenSati class              


Are you ready to really - I mean really - create  the goals you have been talking about for years? Are you so fired up about the days, weeks, months to come but unsure of where to start? And you know, if you don't start now, the fire will burn out.



If you want to live the best version of yourself, you must commit to the process and the process takes action. 
Step 1: Sign up!
Step 2: Show up!
Step 3: Do the work!

Be prepared to dive deep into your souls calling. What inspires you, what lights you up every day. I will provide to you weekly work that will inspire and guide you to create that lasting sustainable change. "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm". What are you excited about? Let's make it reality. Let's face the fears, break down the barriers and begin to see the opportunities for your success. Not sure what inspires you. Then lets begin there. One step begins the journey. Live like today matters, and theirs no do over!

CALL NOW AND SIGN UP! 810-623-7375